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Bob Morris had this coyote totally fooled.
Foxpro Digital Callers are great tools to compliment your Weasel Brand Custom Calls
Bob had this bobcat convinced it was getting a free
Below is an unsolicited testimonial and photos
I started coyote hunting in high school and used production calls for many years.  Three years ago I got serious about
calling and decided I should try a custom call.  Due to the affordable prices Dave “Weasel” offers, I decided to try one
of his calls.  Immediately, I recognized the difference in quality of his calls compared to production calls.  I was so
impressed with his calls that I had four of them and had given away my production calls by the end of that year.  
Currently, my kids and I have 26 custom calls and over half of those are Weasel Brand Game Calls.  I have calls from
many of the big name custom call makers, but if you made me choose one call to go to the field with it would be a call
made by Dave.  

As far as customer service, I would put Dave’s service up against anyone.  Last year I plugged my favorite call the
“Wounded Weasel” and needed it fixed for a big three day hunt.  Dave made sure that I was ready for that hunt in less
than a week.

In closing, don’t let the prices fool you.  The sounds and craftsmanship of his calls are top notch and more importantly
predators flat out can’t resist them.
Bill M, Ordway Colorado
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Alan F.  With big bear called in with a Weasel Brand Game Call.
I took a 250 lb Black Bear using a Weasel custom
call. I own three and wouldn't go to the woods
without at least two of them on me. They're
compact and sound great.

Alan C Fortin              
Oct. 28, 2010 -
Northern Vermont
This is the call Alan used to call
his bear.
Congratulations, Alan and
thank you for sharing.
"E" did the calling for
her dad on this
Well done!
"Man, I've used your slates for the 2nd
year now, and I've kilt two real nice
toms right off the roost with them!
They make sweet little clucks &
purrrrrs and just drives them gobblers
Fred "KnockEmDown" Rueman
Took your call out on the UWC Youth Turkey
Hunt this weekend and put her to the test.
Well, I'm happy to report your calls work!
Called this big tom in for Jake to about ten
yards before he shot him right in the lips!
Darin (TEX-O-BOB) Gardner

Unsolicited email from Ron...

"Dave , Got the calls yesterday.  They are great.  
Used the bocote this
morning to call in a bird on the way home from
work.  Showed one of my
friends at work last night. He wants to get one
also.  Thank you very much
for the quality calls and great service.  Ron"
Fred's 2013 (3rd year) gobbler taken
with his new, custom glass over glass
That's a photo of his dog, Pokey in the
"Thanks again Dave. I really liked the call.
These late season birds are tough to call and
getting a nice soft strike is the key."
Tom Forsythe May 2013