Predator Calls
* All prices include delivery to your door in the U.S. Extra charge for foreign
delivery. Specify your choice of sound at check-out (Wounded Weasel calls are
pre-voiced).  If sound isn't specified I will voice the call per the call body and
your area. All measurements are approximate.
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* A brief explanation of the Wounded Weasel calls:

The calls are approximately 2.5" OAL. Each has a 7/8" tapered exhaust.
(photo below) These calls don't necessarily sound like a wounded weasel.
What's a wounded weasel sound like? The name came about when a caller in
Florida acquired one of my calls and mistook my name, Weasel, for the sound
the call was supposed to make. At any rate that call was a prototype and
didn't yet have a name. I thought it was kind of funny and since that day I
have called them Wounded Weasels. They are a very high pitched RASPY call.
You can blow it softly as a coaxer or crank up the volume for a primary call by
adding more air. This call is effective on all predators, especially bobcats and
fox. It will add a new sound to your arsenal that will bring the  animals
running. They sell for $18+ depending on the wood. Let me know if you want
one turned especially for you.
Typical Wounded
Weasel exhaust
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Turkey Calls and Strikers

Distress and
Coon Chatter
About the bellows call:
The Bellows Call can be used several ways.
The bellows can be compressed to imitate the
distress cries of small animals (Grey Fox). You
can hold the barrel of the call and shake the
bellows imitating the chatter of raccoons.
Open and close your hand to add inflection to
the sounds.
3.50" Slate over
Striker included
Goncalo Alves
3.50" Slate over
Goncalo Alves
3.50" Slate over
Striker included
Bigleaf Maple
3.25" Slate over
Striker included
European Beech
3.5" Glass over
Striker included
Here are examples
of what the slate
striking surfaces
look like.
These Predator calls are not available at this time
Heavy Duty
Squirrel NutCutter
Tube Calls

(do it all)
Calls are unavailable at
this time. Hopefully I'll
be handcrafting more
calls in the near future.